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Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Fangreader Awards are about to Rise~ Get Ready

Promo and the winner is
From the Fangreaders ,the group who brought you the
Lemon Tart Awards,
bring you
the Fangreaders Awards 2012
We are very proud to recognise those authors who have shared their skills to bring us exceptional fanfiction from the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood Fandom.
Our Fangreader Members will be asked to nominate one fanfiction for each designated category .  The top four for each category will be placed on a public voting ballot for the entire fandom to vote on.
The Awards will be announced the
25th February 2012
Please watch this space , the Fangreaders blog and the Fangreaders Community on Live Journal  for more information. 
Want to Join 2011

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