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Friday, 2 December 2011

The Great Reveal

Written for the Great Reveal ceremony of the Fangies - the symbol of the Fangreaders Awards 2012.
“Eric, this is serious!” Pam said. “These humans put a lot of effort into maintaining your reputation as a ruthless, self-serving sex god Sheriff Northman of Area of Five. They deserve consideration for all their hard work.”
Eric silently dropped the invitation on the desk and kicked back in his chair.
Pam grabbed the pretty card and read aloud: “Mr. Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area Five of Louisiana, is cordially invited to the Fangreaders Awards 2012, to help recognize and celebrate memorable fanfic stories and talented writers of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and the True Blood fandoms. The Awards ceremony will be held on bla-bla, at bla-bla-bla.
“I’ll think about it,” he cut her off. His decision, though, had already been made: he wouldn’t miss being the guest of honor and a part of such a prestigious event in a million years, given he would exist that long.
“Good. I’ll RSVP for you, while you take your sweet time and think about it,” Pam quipped. “You will need to wear a tux, by the way. No jeans or tee-shirts.”
“Pamela, close the door. From the outside,” Eric said, annoyed. Why did his child always find his weak spot and push his buttons? He hated wearing tux!
She ignored his last statement and went on: “It reads right here they also wish for you to pose for a portrait which will be featured in the media in coming months before the Awards. A famous artist will devote two-hour session exclusively for you.”
Eric’s eyebrow arched. A portrait? Hmm, that sounded very promising! The last one he’d done for the Fangtasia calendar had turned out to be such a hit! Perhaps, he’d get another opportunity to show off his spectacular abs, firm cheeks, and maybe even the gra…
A few weeks later, in the artist’s studio…
His hopes hadn’t entirely come true. Since the Awards were a solid project, no nudity would be tolerated; although, his massive shoulders and muscular arms would still make it clear he was a warrior and a true Viking.  Taking consolation in that fact, Eric stood on the podium in an impressive pose. A small smirk on his face faded a little when he was offered to use a prop – a papier-mâché long sword – but he decided not to grumble. He adjusted his standing and tried to penetrate the wall behind the artist’s back with a fierce stare.
“Mr. Northman, can you stop wiggling your toes?” the artist said, hardly hiding his impatience. “It is very distracting.”
“What do you want me to do about it?” Eric replied, managing to stay in the character. He was gazing into that white wall with so much concentration that the paint was about to peel off.
“Put your boots on.”
He blinked. “Boots? Vikings didn’t wear this kind of footwear!”
“They didn’t wear jeans or tank tops either, yet here you are, Mr. Northman!”
That was a blow below the waste, but again, he didn’t complain. Whining wasn’t something he condoned in others as well as in himself.
“Hold this,” he gave the fake sword to Pam who was literally gloating (not every night did she witness a human giving orders to her Master and him obeying so willingly) and in a vampire second pulled his boots on.
An hour into the session, Sookie dropped by the studio. She and Pam stood by the wall, glancing at Eric every once in a while, whispering secretively and giggling – giggling! He could feel his bonded’s eyes tracing up and down his athletic frame and puffed his chest out a little.
“Mr. Northman, can you please stand still!”
Pam chuckled, and he growled at her, but his displeasure didn’t impress upon his two women, instead earning him yet another angry frown from the artist. He gathered the last of his control and froze like a statue on the podium. There!
Of course, he could simply slip into downtime and not even notice the commotion around him. At the same time, he was unexpectedly nervous about the portrait. A huge responsibility had been bestowed upon him – to be the face (well, the symbol) of the Awards, or the Fangies, as the writers had named it. He didn’t want to spoil the outcome by missing some important moment during the session.
He began fidgeting.
“Eric, you need a hand with that sword?” Pam asked, noticing his unease.
He hissed at her, baring his fangs.
“She’s just trying to be helpful,” Sookie scowled at the Viking.
Now his mood was ruined. Since when had he become so sensitive?
Silence ensued, as Eric returned to glaring at the wall. At least, it didn’t talk back.
“All done, Mr. Northman,” the artist finally announced and smiled. “Great job. You’re a very unique and special model. The Fangies will make every Fangreader proud, thanks to you.”
Cautiously, Eric approached the easel and looked. He understood immediately why the artist’s immeasurable talent had earned him the appreciation and world-wide fame, for with minimum strokes he’d been able to achieve maximum effect that had a potential to elicit a whole range of emotions from anyone who’d lay an eye at the portrait.
“What d’you think?” Sookie asked, coming closer.
Eric examined the drawing thoroughly, more for pleasure than for assessment.
“I am satisfied,” he finally said. “But the next time, I’ll be posing with my real sword.”
“No way,” Pam huffed. “Next time, it’s my turn.”
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  2. Haha! The promo fic is hilarious. I wish I had Eric posing in my studio for real, while I painted the Fangie. Unfortunately it didn't happen. :)))

  3. Great stuff, can't wait to read the stories and the nominations.


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