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Monday, 23 April 2012

Congratulations Merick~ Winner of the Chapter 1 Challenge for the Chronicles of an Adventure

Winning Chapter #1 Merick

We all would like to congratulate Merick for her winning entry for the Chapter 1 submission for the Chronicles of an Adventure.

Please read Chapter 1

(this will be the prompt for Chapter 2)


Author:  Merick 

Beta:      Daniel Rook 

We would also love to thank Dragonfey 57  for her entry :

Dragonfey 57 Joined the Adventure

"Trail's Head"
Author: Dragonfey 57
Beta:     Ericsminion

Using Chapter 1 as the prompt, Chapter 2 entries are now being accepted. 

Chapter 2 entries are due this Sunday night at 11:59pm CST (Central Standard Time, U.S)

Please read the rules here and send your entry on any document format to chronicles.adventures@gmail.com

Mark Your Calendars

22nd of April ~ Chapter 1 Winner Announcement

Opens for Chapter 2 Submissions

29th of April ~ Chapter 2 Submissions Due

2nd of May ~ Chapter 2 Voting Begins

5th of May ~ Chapter 2 Voting Closes

6th of May ~ Chapter 2 Winner Announcement

For more dates please go HERE

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