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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Let the Fangies Celebrations Begin!!


Last week the Fangreaders were sent their Nomination Ballots to name their favourite fanfics in various categories as well as a few special awards.

Fangie Delivery

The members of the Fangreaders Chatroom Group are nominating their favourite fics in the following categories:

The Categories for The Fangreaders Awards 2013

The Baby Jessica Award - Best Fanfic for a New Author: This award is for a fanfic from a first time author who has posted their first story after 1st of January 2012 

The Longshadow Award - Best One Shot Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that is a one chapter story 

The Callisto Award - Best Written Erotic Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that excels in the art of lemon writing.

The Hoyt Fortenberry Award - Best All Human Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that has no supernatural characters

The Lorena Ball Award - Best Oh My God Sex Scene Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that has at least one sex scene that made you say "Oh My God"

The Russell Edgington Award - Best Villian in a Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that has the best villian.Character can be canon or original character.

The Nan Flanagan Award - Best Villianess in a Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that has the best villianess (femalevillian). Character can be canon or original character.

The Bubba Award - Most Original Plot for a Fanfic: This award is for a fanfic that has the most original plot line.Characters can be canon or A/U.

Mr Cataliades Award - Best Series Fanfic: Must have at least one completed fanfic with at least onecontinuing story (the sequel may be a multi-chapter fic, a oneshot, or an outtake). Sequel does not need to be completed 

The Ancient Pythoness Award - Best Fanfic Published Before 2011: This is for fanfics that were published before January 1st 2011.

The Lafayette Reynolds Award - Best Alternate Universe Fanfic: For the purpose for this award Alternate Universe A/U means any fic that takes the characters out of the "canonical" world of SVM or True Blood.

The Jason Stackhouse Award - Best Comedy Fanfic: This can include a one shot or multi chapter.

The Bill Compton Award - Best Angst Fanfic:  Any fanfic with dark themes can be submitted. If it contains any extreme scenes, there needs to be some sort of warning to the reader.

The Preston Pardloe Award - Best Mystery Fanfic:  Any size fanfic that has a well written mystery plot.

The Charles Twining Award - Best Action Fanfic:  Any size fanfic that has at least one well written action scene.

The Alcide Herveaux Award - Best Were Fanfic:   Any size fanfic that has Weres as the main characters.

The Eric Northman Award - Best Epic Fanfic: Fanfic must be at least 25 chapters AND 200,000 words

The Dr Ludwig Award - Best Novella/ Novelette Length Fanfic: Fanfic must be at least 2 chapters AND No more than 40,000 words.Completed Fanfics Only.

The Sookie Stackhouse Award - Best Romantic Fanfic: Pick your favourite swoon worthy fanfic for this award.

The Adele Stackhouse Award - Readers Choice Fanfic: Your choice for any fanfic that deserves recognition for excellence regardless of genre.

The Ginger Award - Best Beta: Where would some of these fanfics be without those fabulously talented Betas who clean up and contribute in making the fanfic perfect. Please nominate your favourite Beta.

The Fangtasia Award - Best SVM/True Blood Fan Site: What is your favourite SVM and/or True Blood Fan site. This is a special recognition for fan run websites that gives us the latest fandom news, pics and more.

Best Fanfic in Another Fandom : Some of us have peeked over the fence into another fandom.Here's your chance to share your favourite fanfic of any length and any genre that is not in the SVM or True Blood Fandom.For the Public Voting Ballot, these will be split up into fandoms and if necessary genres. Award names will be determined before the Final Ballot is posted 


Important Dates for the Fangreaders Awards:

9th of December 2012- Nomination Ballots go out to all the members
20th of January 2013 ( 6 weeks of nominations)- Nomination Ballots Due
3rd February 2013 - Public Voting Begins
17th of March 2013 Public Voting Closes

Fangies Ceremony Theatre Banner

30th March 2013 - Award Ceremony announcing the winners on the Hall of Fame Site  at 9pm GMT

We are currently calling for Promotional Fics from the fandom.
We are accepting promo fics to go with all our posts to the run up of the Awards Ceremony.

If you are inspired to write one, here is the prompt: Getting ready for the Fangreaders Awards (the Fangies)

The promo fic needs to be about a character or characters preparing to go to the Fangreaders Awards.

Some info about the ceremony:
The Fangreaders Awards Ceremony will be at the King Felipe de Castro Theatre in New Orleans March 30th at 9pm GMT.  ( AKA the Fangreaders Hall of Fame site )

Characters: Any SVM or True Blood character…or you may use characters from other fandoms.  Majority of the categories are for the SVM/True Blood Fandom, however we are happy to announce that there is a category for Best Fanfic in another Fandom.  Therefore, you are free to use character/s from other fandoms preparing for the Fangies Ceremony.  This should make for some interesting crossovers!!

About the promo fic:

  • Newbie and veteran writers welcome
  • Can be a one~shot at any length or a multi-chapter.
    Entries are not required to be Beta'd but need to ensure that entry is not full of errors.
  • Entries need to be in by the latest 25th of March 2013.
  • Entries will be posted first come first served so get them in as soon as possible.
  • You are welcome to write more than one.
  • Though we love our lemons, we are ask that the entries not be sexually explicit and not contain any themes that may be disturbing to the majority of our fandom.
  • These promo fics should be written to help everyone get excited about the Fangreaders Awards. 
  • If you would like to submit one, or still have questions~ contact thefangreaders@gmail.com

There will be much more information to come, so please stay tuned.

Twitter: @FangreadersChat

Facebook Page : The Fangreaders

Fanfiction.Net : http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3514708/The-Fangreaders-Awards

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