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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fangreaders: Less than 48 hours to get your Nomination Ballots in!

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Yes, less than 48 hours for the Fangreaders to submit their nominations for the best SVM and True Blood fanfics.  Once all the nominations are in, the final Voting Ballot will be ready for the entire Fandom to vote on February 3rd.

Remember if you have any questions, contact us at thefangreaders@gmail.com)

Be sure to read our Promo fics:

Donald Trump Takes on Eric Northman by Chicpea

A Vampire and a Wizard Walk into a Bar by Merick  

Important Dates for the Fangreaders Awards:

9th of December 2012- Nomination Ballots go out to all the members
20th of January 2013 ( 6 weeks of nominations)- Nomination Ballots Due
3rd February 2013 - Public Voting Begins
17th of March 2013 – Public Voting Closes

30th March 2013 - Award Ceremony announcing the winners on the Hall of Fame Site  at 9pm GMT

There will be much more information to come, so please stay tuned.

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Facebook Page : The Fangreaders

Fanfiction.Net : http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3514708/The-Fangreaders-Awards

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