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Friday, 24 February 2012

The Fangies are Tomorrow Night

The Fangreaders Awards Title

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fangreaders Awards are almost here.


All fans of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood fandoms are welcome to enjoy in the celebration of the Best Fanfics as voted by the public.

Fangie border

Dress in your best, grab a drink and join in the festivities.

Awards cermony banner

To start the celebration, we have the Fangreaders Awards Ceremony.

Please, tune into the Fangreaders Hall of Fame site (http://bit.ly/FangHall)

tomorrow at 9pm GMT

(4pm EST)

for the awards presentation.

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After Party Banner

Then join the Fangreaders in our Chatroom


for our “Fangie After Party”. 

All authors and fans are welcome to join us just after 9pm GMT (4pm EST). Open to everyone, there will be no need to have an invite to get into the chatroom.  Just come on in and meet the authors, members, a few surprise guests and fellow fans in celebrating the love of fanfics and our great fandom. 

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(The rating for the chatroom will be set at 14+ so please no mature topics or pics allowed in the chatroom)

And the winner is

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