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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fangreaders Continue Anniversary Celebrations

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The celebrations are still in full swing as the Fangreaders commemorate their 1st anniversary with the Anniversary Writing Challenge
We are pleased to have 6 entries so far.
Please join in the festivities by reading these great anniversary fics:

Many thanks to all the authors that have submitted an entry so that we all can keep the party going.

The Fangreaders Anniversary Writing Challenge
Anniversary Icon 2
This is not a contest, but a challenge to write us a story that revolves around some sort of anniversary.
Need some ideas? Just fill in the blanks in one of these sentences to get you started …
It’s been _ year(s) since Eric and Sookie _.
OR Alcide hasn’t _ Sookie for _ year(s).
OR _year(s) ago was the first time Sookie ever _.
OR Pam hasn’t _ a zombie in _year(s).
I think you get the idea.
Here are the rules:
If the story is rated M, you must be over 18.
No word limit.
AH, AU and canon are all welcome, but please use SVM characters.
No betas are required, but if you need one, check the Writer’s Corner and Beta Requests thread on The Sookieverse Forum.
Stories must be new and a one-shot. (You can continue them later if you’d like.)
The deadline is February 29, 2012.
Once you’ve posted your story to your profile, PM either Suki59 , vicvega66  or Fairyblood  to let one of us know and we’ll add the story to the Community for all to enjoy!
Please use this header:
The Fangreaders Anniversary Writing Challenge
Please include in your summary that the story was written for the The Fangreaders Anniversary Writing Challenge.
Happy writing, everybody!
Oh, and feel free to tweet, pimp and otherwise share this with others. We’re hoping for lots of anniversaries to celebrate other than our own!
P.S. True Blood stories are welcome as well!
happy 1st anniversary

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