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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I Write the Songs Contest~ Just 3 Weeks Left to Submit Your Story


Yes, this great contest that has brought us some of our favourite fics is back! 

You have until July 15th to get your story in so crank up your music and let your plot bunny loose.

Pole Dancing Bunny resized from s1203h on tumbler

Here are the Rules: (from Profile at Fanfiction.net)

Use a song as the title

2,000 – 12,000 words, unlimited for multi-chapter fics

Can be a first chapter to a multi-chapter fic, which you can add to after the initial posting. Specify if you are entering this category. Must submit at least 4 chapters of at least 1000 words per chapter during the contest, but only the first chapter goes to the anonymous judging.

Canon SVM, AU,OOC or AH

Eric and Sookie with each other if either one is romantically paired (psst … the more Eric the better!) Otherwise Snarky Pam, Kill Bill or torture Quinn themes are good too. Or do a bromance. Or a Pam/Stan or Sam/ Jannalyn, Jason/ Michele, or Sophie Anne / Andre or Amelia /Trey or Bill / Lorena, or some other pairing. Humor is as valuable as lemons any day!

MUST use a beta

Maximum 3 entries, collaborations welcome

Must be a new, not posted story

Include a disclaimer that you do not own the SVM characters or the song

Do not use complete lyrics from a copyrighted song

Must be 18 to post M rated story

Please do not tweet about your story on twitter or talk about it on your blog until after posting. You can say you are going to enter but don’t say when you are submitting. We want anonymous judging please!

Please no rape, incest, pedophilia or graphic abuse themes (unless you are torturing Bill or Quinn. LOL)

Do NOT post until after judging, may post to sites other than fanfiction which we will link up in the blog

Send entry as an email to I.WritetheSongs.SVM @gmail.com. DO NOT post your story until you get the email back from us after judging!! Please do not mention you are submitting on Twitter or Monday teasers either. Our judges are geniuses and might figure it out.

Attach a document in one of these formats: MS Word, OpenOffice, or GDocs format

Your Host is: Northwoman (Anne)

Here are the links for more contest info:




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