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Monday, 16 July 2012

The GiggleSnort Awards Have Been Announced


The Giggle/Snort Awards 2012

The fabulous people at GiggleSnort have announced the winners of the 2012 GiggleSnort Awards

And the winners are……..th_drumroll


Summer 2012 Winners

We had an amazing turn out this year with fantastic nominations from various fandoms (some being GSA virgins!) and the voting was tight in some categories. With over 1200 individual votes cast we believe this has been the best round so far.

Anyhoo, without do, may we announce the fantabulous winners of the 2012 GSA's...


Best Author

Femme Cullen

Runner Up: Robrator

Epic Giggle

Runner Up: Clichés and Euphemisms by Feralness

Best High School / College

Runner Up: My Beautiful Storm by troublefollows1017

Best Adult

Runner Up: Meet the Masen's by FictionFreak

Best Fantasy/Supernatural/Vampire

Runner Up: Hardcover Paranormal Romance by badjujube

Best All Human

Runner Up:Alcide in Wonderland by ericizmine

Most Cringe-worthy

Runner Up:Ding, Dongs and Dicks by Fiona Fresh

Funniest Fumble

Runner Up:Bored to Death by ericizmine

Funniest One-shot

Runner Up: Sookie's Dream: Outtake of Pour Some Sugar On Me by BonTempsBaby

Best Original Fiction

Runner Up:Life As Told By Nerdy by tsubame

Best Overall

Runner Up:A Hard Day’s Night by SexyLexiCullen



Congratulations to all the winners.

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